Book Review: How the Sphinx Got to the Museum

“How The Sphinx Got to the Museum” is both written and illustrated by Jessie Hartland.   Follow the journey of the sphinx from the female pharaoh, that order its creation to guard her palace, to its current home in the Egypt section of the museum. In between it was carefully designed, sculpted, smashed up and […]

Book Review: I Gotta Draw

I Gotta Draw, by Bruce Degen, is a story about Bruce’s inner need to draw. While growing up, drawing was all consuming, drawing has paid off for Bruce.  All that practice has made him a favorite illustrator for children’s books. He is most famous for illustrating The Magic School Bus series written by Joanna Cole. […]

What Is My Future Story

My Future Story is designed to inspire and inform the exploration of careers in students.  It is our belief that the best way to find a rewarding career match, is to start with your greatest interest and the things you love to spend time doing. We are addressing the topic for multiple age groups.  Parents […]